(Persia Digest) – The Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology has said: “Presently 39,000 foreign students are studying in Iran for academic or professional degrees which is over 20 percent higher than last year.

Mojtaba Seddighi added: “In the last scholastic year, some 1,100 foreign scholarship students and another 2,800 tuition paying students have been attracted to Iranian universities.”

He said: “Most of the overseas students are from Iran’s neighboring countries with religious and cultural proximity with Iranians.”

The deputy minister also said: “Development of single-gender universities is another plan by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology based on the demands of some families who prefer their children to study in single- gender universities.”

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Seddighi added: “Single- gender study is one of the methods available in higher education. However, the Ministry is following the mixed- gender method and presently there are many mixed- gender universities countrywide where students are studying while observing the Islamic and Sharia codes.”

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