(Persia Digest) – Hur al-Azim is an international wetland in Iran and an autumn and winter destination for over 100 birds from Siberai, eastern Europe, and southern Africa.

With the start of the cold season in the northern territories, migrant birds have begun their flight to warmer places. Precipitation levels in Hur al-Azim have been good this year and the number of migrant birds to this place has increased. Some species of pheasants and ducks began their migration in mid-October. Birds of prey also begin to migrate earlier than other birds and they are now in their new homes alongside the wetlands. There are other rare types of white-fronted geese and ducks that only migrate to Hur al-Azim wetland. Most of the birds here are from the duck family.

Photos: Mahdi Pedramkhou/Mehr, Ali Moaref/IRNA

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