(Persia Digest) – The Barouy tablets of Persepolis which were returned to Iran by the US after 84 years will go on show at the National Museum of Iran on Wednesday 2 October.

In the fourth stage of repatriating 1783 Achaemenid tablets, these were handed over to Iran by The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago to the National Museum of Iran on Tuesday night.

Professor Christopher Woods, President of The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, Professor Matthew Stolper, inventor of Stopler’s Law at the institute, and Laura Alessandra Amin were in charge of bringing the tablets to Iran.

The CEO of the National Museum of Iran has said that these will go on display on Wednesday 2 October after 84 years.

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Gebreil Nokandeh pointed out that these priceless artefacts play a significant part in deciphering the Achaemenid written history under Darius I, adding: “This great event has come about due to omnipotent legal and diplomatic efforts made for the return of Iran’s cultural legacy to the country.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the University of Chicago was entrusted with around 11 thousand historic tablets on loan by the Iranian government 84 years ago, but never returned them, except for a few.

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After follow-ups by Cultural Heritage officials in Iran in recent years, the institute accepted to return the tablets to Iran.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage of Iran, Ali-Asghar Munesan, has said that the rest will be returned over a period of three years. But we are negotiating to diminish the timetable.

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