1st Vice President of Iran emphasizes sanctions impact

1st Vice President of Iran emphasizes sanctions impact
ID : N-2869 Date : 2018/09/11 - 13:08

(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Firs Vice President has said circumstances in the country are difficult, adding: “But difficult circumstances do not mean that everything is a threat. Times are hard, but this is not an impasse. Opportunities and great changes arise from the heart of difficulties. It is important that our leaders aim to shorten the difficult times.”

Eshagh Jahangiri continued: “The United States left the JCPOA accord without the slightest respect for international law. It has tried to impose its illegal demands on the Iranian nation and pressurize us to accept these. But I am hopeful and determined that we will put these times behind us with the help of our economists, powerful officials, and the people’s help, to show America it will not achieve its goals this way. The only path open to them is respect and logic vis-à-vis our nation.”

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He reiterated: “They cannot sanction us first and then ask to talk. This is not logical and we will not bow down to them.”

Jahangiri said: “The sanctions have impacted us and the US has announced it is conducting an economic warfare against us. They have also started a political warfare in the media to affect our people’s thinking. As such, our nation expects our organizations to work to diminish pressures on them.”

He reminded: “We must face up to our shortfalls, talk to our people, and remedy these. We need administrators who will go above and beyond duty for their country.”

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