Euros 250MM donates by Italian for Persepolis

Euros 250MM donates by Italian for Persepolis
ID : N-792 Date : 2017/12/07 - 11:24

(Persia Digest) Shiraz University President has announced that an Italian benevolent person will donate euros 250MM for the revival of “Tall-e Ajori” gate in Persepolis, and added: “Over the past decade, “Tall-e Ajori” gate has been studied in collaboration with Bologna University.”

He pointed out that Persepolis is at the heart of Persian/Iranian civilization and architecture, and went on to say: “The area around Persepolis has been turned into agricultural land today and is of vital importance. Based on geophysical studies, this area has historical layers which must be protected.”

Asgari also mentioned a number of MoUs which had been signed with Italian universities for the protection and renovation of this site, and said: “Documentation for the protection of this world registered site is being taken care of and a new MoU will also be signed with Italy according to plan.”

As reported by Persia Digest, “Tall-e Ajori” gate is a site in Persepolis in Fars Province which formed the entrance to the city and is similar to the Babel Gate in its architecture. Documents indicate that it was build in the Achaemenid era under Cyrus the Great and his son Cambyses with colored glazed bricks.


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