Iran ready to double electricity exports

Iran ready to double electricity exports
ID : N-3896 Date : 2019/01/05 - 11:30

(Persia Digest) – The CEO of Iran’s Tavanir electricity board has announced: “Electricity exports from Iran are rather low as compared to our production capacities which can be double this amount.”

Mohammad-Hassan Motevalizadeh went on to say that, currently, over 1000MW of electricity is exported to neighboring countries, adding: “Our main exports are to Iraq, but we also have exports to Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

He continued: “Iran has electricity exchanges will all the countries with which it has a frontier. We are in a good position in this respect; but it does not mean there is no more room for improvement.”

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He stated that electricity exports can be increased if there is a demand by neighboring countries: “There are no limitations on production for exports; but the electricity grid potential needs technical reviewing. Overall, we have forecast that electricity exports can be doubled.”

His deputy, Ali Bakhtiari, had also said previously: “Plans have been made to increase electricity exports and it is forecast that this will reach USD 33BN by 2025.”

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that Iraq is presently Iran’s main customer of its electricity exports and is now trying to receive exemptions from US sanctions.

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