February 13, 2018 10:14
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(Persia Digest) – Following the extension of a credit line to Iran by Austria, the two countries conducted talks on mountain tourism in Iran.

Deputy Director of Investment and Planning of the Iranian Heritage Organization, Saeid Ohadi, said at the meeting: “The visit of the Austrian delegation to Iran can begin a new chapter in investment and joint projects between the two countries.”

He also announced: “During a trip by top officials of the CBI and Export Development Bank of Iran to Vienna, it was agreed to extend a credit line to Iran for investment. This can be used in the tourism sector, and in mountain tourism in particular.”

Ohadi added: “The laws of attracting foreign investment in Iran are among the most progressive investment laws in the world. For instance, companies and investors who come here enjoy great insurance services.”

He named tax exemptions as another incentive for foreign investors, and said: “Following commercial exploitation, investors will enjoy tax exemptions for ten years in rich areas and thirteen years in deprived areas.”

He continued: “The IR of Iran guarantees the investor's capital and profits in foreign exchange at any time. Should any disputes arise between the investor and the Iranian party, this can be referred to international arbitration."

Ohadi continued by saying: “The IR of Iran has even facilitated land purchase and ownership by the investors.”

Austrian Embassy commercial attaché to Iran, Christoph Grapmeyer, also stated at the meeting: “The members of the Austrian delegation have assessed conditions for mutual economic cooperation with Iran as positive. The landscape of Iran as a country with a diverse geography in the region and the world is very attractive for tourism. The country’s ancient culture and civilization are also a major factor for tourists who wish travel to Iran.”

He added: “A very positive factor here is Iranian hospitality which is highly valued by many nationals.”

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