November 03, 2018 16:45
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(Persia Digest) – The foreign customers of luxury Iranian goods have been introduced. Customs statistics published in Iran indicate that countries like the UAE, Iraq, and Germany were destined for many luxurious data-x-items made in Iran over the first six months of the Iranian solar calendar.

Studies indicate that the most expensive of Iran’s imports in the first half of the year were handicrafts worth USD 34MM and 436 thousand per ton, exported to the UAE.

This is followed by precious metals with an average exports price of USD 32.5MM per ton exported to the UAE and Iraq.

The third commodity is rosewater oil at an average exports price of USD 4MM and 691 thousand per ton sent to France, Spain, and Germany.

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Caviar has an average exports price of USD 1MM and 905 thousand per ton, exported to the UAE, Germany, and the UK.

A variety of Saffron powder is exported to Spain, the UAE, and Germany for an average price of USD 1MM and 683 thousand per ton. Whole saffron stigmas cost USD 1MM and 547 thousand per ton in the first half of the year, exported to the UAE, Qatar, and Oman.

Various mother boards and graphics, sound, network, and video cards and RAMs were exported to Indonesia and China at an average price of USD 1MM and 304 thousand.

According to the report, the first 50 destinations of Iranian exports in the first half of this year account for 97.5% of Iran's exports. The value of goods exported to these 50 countries was USD 22BN and 552MM, up from 13% year-on-year.

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Statistics show that 57 percent of Iran's exports value in the six months leading to November, sent to China, the UAE, and Iraq, is indicative of the lack of diversification of Iranian export markets.

Of Iran’s 50 main export destinations in the first six months of this year, the biggest devaluation belongs to Tajikistan exports which fell by 74%, followed by South Korea by 60%. The highest exports growth rate was for Tunisia.

The statistics also show that the value of Iran's exports to neighboring countries, except Turkey, has increased YOY.

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