(Persia Digest) – The Deputy of Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization has said: “Flash floods have damaged 730 historic monuments in 25 provinces and 300BN tomans (over USD23MM) is required for their restoration.”

Torrential rains and flash floods in Iran over the past weeks have inflicted huge damages on homes, agricultural lands, infrastructures, and historic monuments.

According to Mohammad-Hassan Talebian, Deputy of Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization, some of the sites are still under water and experts have not been able to get to them yet.

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He also pointed to the landslide in the historic mound near Falak Alaflak Fort, saying: “The defensive wall of the fort has cracked in some sections and it is still too early to comment on the main structure.”

Part destruction of Falak Alaflak's defensive wall

Historic bridges and other structures in water were constructed with mortar and traditional building materials. He added: “Mortar has been used in many of these monuments and they are rooted in water. So, the more they stand in water, the stronger they become and they are not in any danger.”

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Talebian continued: “As of now, no reports have been received of the total destruction of historic buildings in the flooded areas, but some of the adobe architecture has been more extensively damaged.”

He said experts from Unesco will be in Shustar by the end of the current week, adding: “Unesco has asked the Cultural Heritage Organization to give a report on Iran’s registered sites in the recent floods.”

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