(Persia Digest) – Iranian hardliners and politicians have asked for Instagram to be filtered after IRGC accounts were blocked by this app.

Many experts had pointed out over the past years that only Iranian people are affected by US sanctions. This has been proved time and again when oil sanctions spiked dollar prices against the rial on the forex market, decreasing people’s purchase powers, and also banking and financial sanctions limiting the import of vital data-x-items such as medicines.

In the latest US sanctions on the Iranian nation, it is likely that access to social media will be limited for Iranians.

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After designating the IRGC a terrorist organization, the Instagram accounts of IRGC commanders and a number of high-ranking officials such as the Head of the Judiciary have been blocked.

This has led to calls by officials and hardliners to block this social media app for insulting Iranian authorities.

The Deputy Attorney General of Iran has said: “Blocking the personal page of many of our officials on Instagram is the biggest disrespect for the Iranian nation.”

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Javad Javidnia said that if Instagram does not bring its database into Iran there will no options left but to filter it, and added: “There are good equivalents in the country that can replace the foreign Instagram.”

Tehran’s Ansar-e Hezbollah Commander in the 1990s, Hossein Allahkaram, who is a fundamentalist reacted to Major General Soleimani and IRGC accounts being blocked on Instagram by saying: “It is time to filter Instagram.” He added: “There is need to block these networks in support of the IRGC in the country now more than ever before.”

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