(Persia digest) – According to the Hollywood Reporter, Iranian cinema will be producing its first film with Hollywood, directed by Ali Atashani, called ‘Firstborn’ starring Val Kilmer.

The film is a comedy about the life of an Iranian American called Ben and his wife, Kate, who live in California and the problems they face while Kate is expecting. Their families get involve to find a solution; but sadly, they are not very well matched. Ben’s father is an anti-American Iranian and Kate’s father is an anti-Iranian American.

‘Firstborn’ is important because it combines the people and cultures of America and the Middle East.

Ali Atashi is a prominent Iranian filmmaker who has directed ‘The President’s Cell Phone’, ‘Banana Peel’, ‘Negar’s Role’, and ‘Mister A’. He has already worked in international cinema projects by directing "Paradise", a joint product of Iranian-German cinema.

On the other hand, famous American actor Val Kilmer is known for his roles in ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Batman Forever’. ‘Firstborn’ will begin filming in Los Angeles in August. The script has been written by Sam Jose, Tarik Zohdi, and Mahdi Ali Mirzaei.

It is worth mentioning that Iranian artists have starred in Hollywood movies on numerous occasions.

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