(Persia Digest) - The 9th Tehran Art Auction was held at Parsian Azadi Hotel. At this auction, modern and classic works of visual arts, especially paintings and calligraphy, were auctioned.

Sohrab Sepehri's painting was sold for 5.1 billion tomans, which broke the record of the most expensive work of the auction

Another expensive item belonged to Hossein Zendeh Roudi, which was sold for 2.3 billion tomans.

As per Persia Digest’s report, the total sales of the 9th Tehran Auction was 31 billion, 378 million tomans, which was twice as much as the eighth edition of the auction (14 billion, 952 million tomans).

At this auction, the Mirror Star, a work by Monir Farmanfarmaian, which was donated by the artist to hemophilia patients, was sold for 750 million tomans.

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