(Persia Digest) – On 13 August 2018, at 21h30, the concert titled “A song from another world” began playing in Vahdat Hall in Tehran with a band of musicians with autism and down syndrome, for an audience that included figures such as Loris Tjeknavorian and Kambiz Derambakhsh.

Persia Digest reports that the proceeds will go to the Behnam Daheshpour cancer charity for children. The band performed music composed by Rahi Sinaki.

Supporters of children with autism and down syndrome were actively present and watched the joyous concert alongside a receptive audience.

The program began with the setar playing of Rahi Sinaki, bringing a romantic atmosphere to the hall. This was followed by the band coming on stage to a standing ovation and playing their first piece with their favorite vocal sounds by clapping and playing the tonbak accompanied by Rahi Sinaki.

Each of the members of the six-strong band then proceeded to conducting the group while being cheered on by their fans.

In the second part of the program, the star children of the band spent some time talking to their supporters and thanking them for a memorable night. This set off another long standing ovation by the audience, accompanied by repeated cheers and whistles, motivating the young players who performed their notes with hearts brimming with joy.

After the break, the final part of the program began with a piano and setar piece by Rahi Sinaki – a happy melody to which the children danced and were joined by the clapping and shouting of the audience in an unforgettable night.

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Autistic and down syndrome children are independent

Composer Rahi Sinaki told Persia Digest reporter after the concert: “We tried to use the sounds and elements liked by the children for the concert to enable us to join them in what they played.”

He continued: “We did not try to make them play a set of notes. We used everything they proposed to us and gave them the incentive to go on stage and successfully face the audience as themselves.”

About the feedback of their work, Rahi Sinaki told the Persia Digest reporter: “The feedback and views we receive from people are very effective and hopeful. Society believes that these are needy children who are unable to do anything by themselves. We never see them anywhere except in specific locations. This concert in the city’s most famous hall helped them get recognized and acquire a social prestige like the other members of society. It also gave them a chance to stage a benefit to help another group.”

He added: “The children are not needy at all. In some ways, they are also able to help and we try to give children with autism support to be independent. We will be staging other concerts in other halls.”

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